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Appalachian Writers' Workshop

Gurney Norman and ParticipantsKentucky's Premier Writers Workshop
Plans are under way for the 37th annual Appalachian Writers' Workshop at Hindman Settlement School. Mark your calendar for July 27-August 1, 2014.

Mail submissions must be postmarked by May 1, 2014. Online submissions must be received by noon (EST) Friday, May 2, 2014.

The Writers Workshop provides an opportunity for aspiring and accomplished writers to immerse themselves in a community of people who appreciate Appalachian literature and who hail from and/or write about the region.

Writers of varying skill levels are encouraged to attend. You need not live in the region to apply. Participation is limited to 75-80 people. When the number of applicants exceeds capacity, acceptance is based on manuscript quality.

All activities take place on the historic campus of Hindman Settlement School. Evening readings and dances are open to the general public at no cost.

To get on the mailing list, please send us your name and address, or e-mail us.

The Settlement School's Literary Tradition
The Settlement has an outstanding literary tradition that started with the early workers who wrote about the school and Knott County. Ann Cobb arrived in 1905 and remained to write sketches and dialect poems, many of which were collected for her book, Kinfolk: Kentucky Mountain Rhymes. She left a number of unpublished poems that are part of the Hindman Settlement School archives.

As part of the Settlement's 100th anniversary celebration, a new volume, Kinfolks & Other Selected Poems by Ann Cobb, edited with an introduction by Jeff Daniel Marion was published.

Lucy Furman, an accomplished writer before coming to Hindman, published five novels about her years as housemother to the small Settlement boys and her association with the school and the surrounding area. Her novels were: Mothering on Perilous, Sight to the Blind, The Quare Women, The Glass Window, and The Lonesome Road.

The late James Still, poet, novelist and short story writer, was associated with Hindman for nearly 70 years and is buried on the Settlement's campus. He published 13 books, including his classic River of Earth. From the Mountain, From the Valley: New and Selected Poems by James Still, edited by Ted Olson, was released after his death in 2001.

The late Albert Stewart, poet and founding editor of Appalachian Heritage magazine, became part of the Settlement family at the age of five. He organized the first Appalachian Writers Workshop.

Those interested in learning more about the workshop and its history should read Crossing Troublesome Creek: 25 Years of the Appalachian Writers Workshop, edited by Leatha Kendrick and George Ella Lyon. It was published by Wind Publications in 2002.

Regional literature can be purchased from Hindman Settlement School's Online Crafts Shop and during the Writers Workshop.

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