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Hindman Settlement School

View of Campus in FallHindman Settlement School was the first and most successful rural social settlement school in America. Established in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit in Hindman, Kentucky, the school soon became a model center for education, health care and social services.

Earning praise as “the best school in the mountains,” the Settlement School not only transformed the community of Hindman, it contributed significantly to regional progress. The school has played a vital role in preserving and promoting the literary and cultural heritage of southeastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia.

The Settlement School’s mission is to provide education and service opportunities for people of the mountains, while keeping them mindful of their heritage. While the mission has remained the same, the Settlement’s programs have changed over time to meet the changing needs of the region.

The Settlement’s major work today includes education and service programs that address critical needs of the region’s youth and adults, promote cultural awareness and build upon Appalachia’s rich cultural heritage.

The Settlement offers:

  • Educational services for children with dyslexic characteristics and their parents;
  • Workshops for people interested in Appalachian literature and folk arts;
  • Folk arts programming for Knott County students and the broader community;
  • Community service programs; and
  • Conference and retreat facilities.


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