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Appalachian Artisan Center

The Appalachian Artisan Center is dedicated to building and strengthening an arts-based economic sector through education, business development and support services for artists. This sector includes crafters, musicians, storytellers and others that carry on the cultural traditions of the region.

The Artisan Center began as one of the many components of the Community Development Initiative—an effort to revitalize the economy and quality of life for Hindman and surrounding communities by utilizing their strongest asset: a rich artistic and cultural heritage.

The Appalachian Artisan Center focuses on nurturing and developing one of the region’s most precious assets: artists. Through a unique and innovative program, the Center helps artists make and sustain a living through their art.

The Artisan Center opened its doors in December 2001 in what was formerly known as the Young Building in downtown Hindman. Built in 1913, it was reconstructed to suit the needs of a gallery. The original sandstone taken from the mountain adjacent to Main Street is still in place on the exterior of the building. Located downtown, it has been home to everything from Young’s Cash Store to a Ben Franklin Five and Dime.

The Appalachian Artisan Center Café, located inside the gallery shop, serves a variety of light fare including specialty sandwiches, coffee and pastries. The Café echoes and reflects the Shop’s atmosphere by serving unique menu items that represent the best of the region. Kentucky products are featured and local ingredients are used whenever possible. The Café is a place to savor imaginative food in an artistic setting. The Café also has wireless Internet access.

Appalachian Artisan Center
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