A Look Back: Rainy Days at Hindman

It has been a gloomy, wet week here on the Hindman Settlement School campus.  From the window of the archives I have been able to see the waters of Troublesome Creek rise with each passing shower.  All of this rain has made me think of the floods that have hit our campus throughout the years.

During the Settlement’s inception, putting the school on the banks of Troublesome Creek provided many benefits to the women and children that lived here.  Water could be used for their many agricultural projects and the site was located near historic downtown Hindman.  However, the creek comes by it’s name honestly.  As one student simply put it, “Hit gets real troublesome when they’s a tide.”

Troublesome Creek has always been prone to significant flooding but that’s never stopped Hindman Settlement School! As our bridges were washed out and basements flooded, community members have come together many times to help get our campus back on its feet.  

I have included some pictures of these historic floods below.  All photos are located in the Hindman Settlement School archives.


The walking bridge just minutes before it was washed over with water, 1938.


One student helps carries another through icy floodwaters, circa 1930.


The former Hindman High School, currently the Kentucky School of Craft and home to our temporary offices, surrounded by floodwaters, circa 1930.


Students watch the floodwaters rise around Uncle Sol’s Cabin, circa 1940.


Two women stand in ankle deep water in downtown Hindman, circa 1940.


The Kentucky School of Craft surrounded by floodwaters again, 2003.


The walking bridge always seems to get covered first!


Workers try to drain the old swimming hole next to our former office, 2003.

Do you have any memories of Hindman Settlement School when there was a flood? Let us know on Facebook or by email!