Dyslexia Program Winter Update

Student with WorksheetHey there!  This is Melissa with the Hindman Settlement School’s Dyslexia Reading Lab at Hindman Elementary.  The Dyslexia Program is busy, busy, busy with many different things going on: afterschool tutoring, monthly screenings, and our Reading Lab Partnership!

Our afterschool tutoring program is going strong as we are getting close to ending for this semester.  If you are interested in getting your child into the spring semester afterschool program next month you need to call Lema now at 606-785-4385 to schedule a screening for your child.  Our next screening will be in early January!

The Reading Labs have also had a busy semester.  Here at the Hindman Elementary Reading Lab, we are working with 75 students from Kindergarten through third grade.  We serve students with dyslexia characteristics daily for 30 minutes to address phonemic awareness though phonics activities and various strategies to increase passage comprehension. We work with classroom teachers to help students become successful readers by modifying lessons with leveled readers, word cards, tactile letters, and other research-based strategies. Reading Labs at Beaver Creek Elementary and Carr Creek Elementary are working with an additional 100 students using similar strategies and approaches.

Enjoy these photos of our students learning and gaining the gift of reading!