A Look Back: Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Some of my favorite additions to the Hindman Settlement School Archives are the personal photo albums that have been collected over the years.  Their composition and handwritten captions transform them into unique time capsules created by former teachers and students.  We get to see the moments in the school’s history they thought were most important to memorialize.

I thought in today’s look back, I would share a few photos from one of these scrapbooks.  The captions are direct quotes from the album itself.  Unfortunately we do not know who the creator of this particular album is, but their photos live on in our archives.

Old Hindman Hospital

“Hindman’s Hospital, is small, but it’s range is large.”

“In Fireside Industries Cabin beautiful mountain handiwork can be purchased.  The cabin behind it is the workshop, where the boys are taught manual training.”

“Handmade furniture cushioned with home-spun, handwoven curtains, a gift-map framed by the boys, make a room attractive at low cost.”

“A class of boys on their way back to the grade school from their handwork classes. For one small boy it was his first experience in having his picture taken.”

“The high school graduating class of 1933 faces the future.”

“Just arrived at Hindman Settlement School.”

“Orchard House.  Here the older girls live. The kitchen, dining room, and laundry are also in the building.”