A New Year of After-School Tutoring

On Saturday, January 14, we held our After-School Tutor Training Workshop with sixty-four people in attendance for the training.  Parents of children who are new to the program learned about the characteristics of dyslexia and what causes it, as well as, a little about the current brain research relating to dyslexia.  They were also trained to tutor in the first level of the Susan Barton Method for Reading and Spelling.  They were a great group of parents, asking lots of questions and fully engaging in the practice sessions.  They are going to make great tutors!

Returning parents were trained according to the level of the student they will be working with during the coming weeks.  Parents were trained in levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.   We experienced some technical difficulties with a projector bulb blowing out, and remote controls not working properly but we worked through the problems and still got the job done.  We do appreciate the patience shown by the parents while we got things back on track.

After-School Tutoring will begin today, Tuesday, January 24, with more than 70 children participating at sites across the region.