Student Spotlight: Kison H.

Each year our staff presents the Michael Mullins Outstanding Student Award to a student in our dyslexia summer tutoring program who exhibited proficiency and skill in a variety of areas including reading achievement, reading comprehension, math, and auditory.

This year’s recipient, Kison H., has reached beyond his limit and achieved so many wonderful things.

Kison came to summer school ready to learn everything he could. He made the most of his time in reading by absorbing skills like a sponge and applying them to his work. He is very passionate young man who was always eager to “jump right in”, and demonstrate his knowledge of the different concepts learned.

In the Susan Barton Reading and Spelling system, Kison mastered all sounds, memorized all rules introduced to him in reading, sufficiently mastered applying his rules and became a more fluent reader. He completed Level 1: Phonemic Awareness, Level 2: Consonant and Short Vowels and Level 3: Closed Syllables, and completed six lessons of Level 4: Syllable Division and Vowel Teams, totaling twenty-seven lessons completed.

In reading, Kison achieved:

  • Word Identification = 1 year and 8 month gain
  • Word Attack = 1 year and 6 month gain
  • Passage Comprehension = 3 years and 5 month gain
  • Overall Reading Gains = 2 years and 3 month gain

Our intervention team and Kison’s tutors noted that he is a child who yearns for instruction. He is always eager and willing to learn new material and he often maters the skills given and quickly moves on to master other mathematical material before others in math class.

In math, Kison mastered the correct number formation, place value, addition/subtraction of one or more digits, multiplication, division, some fractions, pre-algebra skills and some problem solving. He has completed five diagnostics successfully. He achieved a 5 month gain in math abilities.

Congratulations Kison!