Foodways, Which Way?

Some of you may be pondering what exactly is a foodway. Well, by definition a foodway is the intersection of food in culture, traditions, and history. Here at Hindman Settlement School, our foodways program is focusing on creating models that echo the rich self-sufficient agrarian history found in the hills and hollers of central Appalachia.

With the addition of 2 greenhouses and a farm, our hope is to create enterprise based models that can be replicated within the region. The farm will be home to our sustainable agriculture program, heirloom seeds, and heritage livestock. Each crop or product will be developed, budgeted, and used for teaching and demonstration, through field days, Grow Appalachia, and one on one consulting. Many of our crops will be available straight from the field, used in our kitchen, or turned into one of the many shelf stable products coming from our new “Forks of Troublesome Food” label.

In the greenhouses, we will use state of the art techniques to produce food for commercial sales; schools, hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, etc. The high tunnel greenhouse we be used primarily for tomatoes and bell peppers, growing in bags and utilizing an automatic water/fertilizer system while the large greenhouse will house our aquaponics and hydroponics system focusing on greens and cherry tomatoes.

Things are truly growing on the banks of troublesome. Stay tuned and stay hungry, we will be feeding you soon.