Update on Flood Damage

Thank you for the numerous calls, messages, and gifts related to our recent flood issues. We appreciate each of you and the sentiments you have shared. Hindman Settlement School did not fare as badly as many others in our region, so we remain mindful of so many whose losses amount to human suffering not easily remedied in the short term.

I want to mention here how grateful we are for the financial support we have received in response to news of campus flooding. While we do not yet have all damage estimates in place, we are confident your gifts will exceed the immediate need we have to repair visible flood damage to our land and footbridge. Gifts designated for flood repairs in excess of these amount will be applied to necessary repairs to the Katherine Pettit Apartments, which took on additional water damage with the recent heavy rains that led to the flooding we experienced. These apartments have been in queue for repair for a couple months, but the work has not yet begun, further exacerbating the problems they are facing. With warmer temperatures, we are now ready to begin such repairs and are grateful for the resources you have shared with us to enable us to make the most of our new “opportunity.”

Hindman Settlement School operates in large measure off the generous support donors nationwide, and we could not do what we do without you. Again, thank you.