Sharing Cornbread Stories

Cornbread is a staple on many tables throughout the hills and hollers of central Appalachia, but, if you attend a local potluck, you’ll see the differences and variations of our beloved staple. Recently, our Agrilachia series focused on the stories, tales, and recipes during a “Cornbread Circle.” Attendees from the community shared their cornbread stories, memories, recipes, and ways of eating. Some of the stories shared are captured below.

“I didn’t like cornbread growing up. Mom and Dad made Bisquick biscuits. I really don’t know if I can remember my parents ever making it. The only cornbread I had was my Granny’s, Mom’s Mom, it was cakey and dry. Then, as I got older, I visited with my Granny Irene after school every day. Every day, she had a pone of deliciousness sitting on her stove. That is when I fell in love with cornbread. Her cornbread was simple, crispy, and so flavorful. Today, that’s how I make my cornbread.”

“The best cornbread, I’ve ever had was in a café in DC. It was sweet and delicious.”

“My mamma taught me to make cornbread. She’d get her grease smokin’ hot, salt it down, and pour her batter in. She rarely used anything but corn meal and water. Her cornbread still makes my mouth water!”

“My aunt makes me cornbread. Sometimes, I’ll just stop by to get some for milk and bread.  There is nothing like milk and bread.”

So, which way do you prefer? Cakey? Crispy? Sweet? Salty? With a meal? In Milk? Whichever way you prefer, I am sure it tastes right for you!

Please join us for our next Agrilachia Class on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00, where we will be talking about the benefits of bees and honey production.