Wrapping Up Another School Year!

This is a very busy time for the dyslexia program! We have completed the screening of all Knott County kindergarten students for characteristics of dyslexia and are now in the process of sharing that information with principals and teachers in their schools. This information will be very valuable to first grade teachers in their planning for meeting the needs of their students next year. Teachers in our Reading Labs are currently doing read-outs of their students in order to measure the progress their students have made this year.  From what we have seen so far, we expect to see significant gains.

After-school programs are in the final weeks of the spring session and everyone is working really hard to move their students through as many lessons as possible. Many parents have already indicated that their children will be attending summer school this year. We have also had lots of parents to call to set up screenings for their children because they are struggling in school and they are wondering if they may have dyslexia.

Summer school is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 11th and will end five weeks later on July 13th. This will be our 37th summer school and we want to make sure that it is the very best summer ever!  We are currently making plans for activities and scheduling. In addition to our core program of reading, writing, and math, we are planning units on photography, the solar system, and gardening that we believe the students will really enjoy. Something new we are going to be doing this summer is a physical fitness program. We will continue using the research-based Barton System for Reading and Spelling. Last year’s average gain for reading was 7 months. We will also continue using our very effective method for math instruction for 2 hours each day. Last years average gain in math was 1 year and 3 months. Our goal is to, once again, increase gains this year.

Thank you for you support of the dyslexia program. To help sponsor a student to attend, you can make a donation of any amount online. It’s quick and easy!