From Hobby to Business

Hindman Settlement School’s Foodways Program is committed to supporting the development of a local food economy in the region. The Kentucky Colonels Community Cannery is one avenue by which our team is helping farmers and food entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Learn more about one family that is using this innovative educational space below!

My journey into making sourdough bread began a little over two years ago when my wife and I were trying to find a hobby to pursue together. We found a website called The Perfect Loaf, which was teaching people how to bake naturally leavened sourdough bread at home. My wife had baked bread a few times. I, on the other hand, only knew how to make a really good grilled cheese sandwich. Despite my inexperience, we tried our hand at baking sourdough bread. Our first loaves were tasty, but they were far from being aesthetically pleasing. Creating my own perfect loaf kind of became an obsession to me. I find a lot of satisfaction when it comes time to pull a loaf out of the oven to see how they turned out.

So, I kept baking and baking and baking. I enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. It was a type of bread that many had never experienced before, so I enjoyed seeing their surprise and watching them experience it for the first time.

After a while, friends and co-workers began encouraging me to start selling bread at the upcoming Farmer’s Market. Thanks to the Kentucky Colonels Community Cannery at the Hindman Settlement School, I was able to easily take my personal-scale bread baking hobby and turn it into a small scale business that I call ARTOS Bread Co. Each week I make 20-30 loaves of long-fermented, naturally leavened, artisan sourdough bread that I sell to the community at our local Farmer’s Market. I have been blown away by the response that I have received from customers and it has been a great blessing to be able to provide delicious, fresh-baked sourdough bread to the community; the extra side income is nice, too.