Another Successful Market Year!

The Knott County Farmers Market wrapped up this month after its most successful season yet. Thirty-three markets were held from June through September. One market each week is held on the Settlement’s campus in the Lynn F. Young Outdoor Classroom. For five years, the market has maintained a steady level of vendors and sales.

This year, we served 122% more customers, sold 60% more produce, and housed 150% more vendors than in 2017.

We expanded our efforts to bring fresh produce to underserved populations by accepting SNAP EBT (food stamps) and launching Diabetes Dollars, a voucher program that provides fresh produce to people with chronic health problems. After receiving a grant from the USDA midway through the season, we set to work creating the infrastructure necessary to accept SNAP EBT cards. By September, our EBT machines were up and running.

The Knott County Diabetes Coalition partnered with the farmers market to make Diabetes Dollars a reality. Together, we raised over a thousand dollars for vouchers this year and are in talks to expand the program in 2019.

The first Tuesday of every month we held “Tuesdays on Troublesome”, a free monthly festival featuring live music, supper, fresh-grown food, and artisan crafts, all with a local focus. Chelsie Nolan, The Troublesome Creek Ramblers, and Nicholas Jamerson graced our stage this summer with acoustic lineups that drew crowds of all ages.

At the Knott County Farmers Market, we are dedicated to providing affordable, healthy, fresh foods to the people of Knott County by connecting local farmers directly to consumers. The Knott County Farmers Market is a nonprofit formed under the Hindman Settlement School, its fiscal sponsor. We support our local farmers by only selling products grown within fifty miles of Hindman, KY. It is free to attend our market for both customers and vendors. We hope to continue providing a space for the community to gather and celebrate Knott County’s burgeoning food culture for many years to come.