Hindman to host Q Commons: The Power of “We”

We face a unique cultural moment in America, and the opportunity to bring hope, restoration, and creative imagination to our communities exists now. But how do we go about it? During this special event, attendees from our area will join with thousands of attendees in hundreds of cities from around the globe to be equipped on how to engage this unique, American moment. Join us Thursday, October 25, 2018, from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, as we gather at Hindman Settlement School Mullins Center Great Hall to learn and consider how to advance good in Hindman and beyond.

Speakers will include Bob Goff, Jo Saxton, Scott Harrison, Brent Hutchinson, Kristin Smith, and Angie Hatton. How do we advance the common good all around us? By locking arms and dreaming of our future together.

Tickets are $25. More information, as well as the opportunity to register, can be found here. Direct questions to Brent at bdhutchinson@hindmansettlement.org.