Infusing Art Into The Classroom

For the 2018-2019 school year, Hindman Settlement School is fortunate to be a contractor for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ VSA program to fund six artist residencies in the Knott County schools.  As the Fall semester comes to a close, we just wrapped up our fifth residency. Here is a look at the various artists that shared their talents and expertise, along with the projects students had the opportunity to engage with:

Pottery Residency at Beaver Elementary with Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans of the Appalachian Artisan Center kicked off our artist residencies in October, leading students at Beaver Elementary through a series of pottery projects.  With assistance also from potters Kim Patton and Eric Lawill, students at Beaver learned about handbuilding, glazing, and throwing on the pottery wheel.

Painting Residency at Jones Fork Elementary with Jenn Noble

During the week of November 12th, multimedia artist Jenn Noble worked with students at Jones Fork Elementary during a weeklong painting residency.  On the first day, Jenn led students through the creation of a winter landscape, explaining how to blend colors on the page. Students also had the opportunity to paint a still life and a snowman, and to create a painting from their own imagination.

Metalworking Residency at Cordia School with Jill Robertson

That same week Jill Robertson led a metalworking residency with high school students at Cordia School.  Students spent the week creating bracelets out of copper pipes, learning how to use a blowtorch, hammers, sanders, and other tools of the metal trade.  Additionally, Cordia students created individual charms out of various metals to create a plaque for each grade.

Mural Residency at Emmalena Elementary with Lacy Hale

Secondary students at Emmalena Elementary had the chance to create a mural for their school under the guidance and support of artist Lacy Hale.  Lacy designed the mural, which featured an soaring eagle (the school’s mascot) along with the school motto. The design was projected onto the wall for students to trace the outline of the mural.  Then, Lacy used a “paint-by-number” process to break down the different components of the mural.

Theater Residency at Carr Creek Elementary with Megan Duff and Ronnie Walker

Our last residency of the Fall semester was led by Megan Duff and Ronnie Walker, members of the community theater project Higher Ground out of Harlan County.  With the help of Megan and Ronnie, students at Carr Creek wrote 13 independent scenes that they performed for the school during the last week before winter break.