Bring On Spring!

On my family farm, the frogs came early this year. Spring peepers and even bullfrogs started bellowing 2 weeks ago, a reassuring sound that spring-time is on its way. I can’t really complain much on this winter, as so far we have been spared from long spouts of bitter cold and measurable snow, but the fallow time wears on an agriculturalist. The long nights and short days accompanied by the incessant rain, has me wishing for spring.

For anyone that works land and livestock, spring is another chance. A clean slate, growth and rebirth; hope. There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the dark earth turn over, seeds emerging into plants, trees budding, or the sight of young livestock grazing new grass. It’s a time to rejoice and celebrate the possibilities that lie ahead.

As for now, I will be mindful that Old Man Winter, may rear his ugly head, but will look forward to a spring full of hope and rebirth. As I write this, my desk is covered in catalogs, seeds, and farm plans. Even though spring isn’t officially here, doesn’t keep the Foodways crew from planning and dreaming of cultivating not only our crops, but our community.

This spring, we have planned a great line up of activities and events for the community to learn and interact with our food system. Our Agrilachia program offers food and agricultural based courses the first Tuesday of every month, Grow Appalachia meets the third Tuesday of each month with a focus on educating participants on how to grow food for their families and to market, the Kentucky Colonels Community Cannery is open for the public use to develop food based businesses, and our farm and greenhouses are ready to produce food for the Knott County Farmers Market and the Forks of Troublesome Foods CSA program. This year, in collaboration with our Traditional Art team, we are planning a spring celebration with “Seeds and Stories” an evening of seed swapping, storytelling, and a fantastic family style, farm to table dinner. For more information on our programs, please contact Jason Brashear at 606-785-5475 or

Until next time, keep growing!!