Dyslexia Program Spring Update

It seems like the beginning of the school year was only yesterday but the rush to get everything taught, testing done, and preparations for this year’s summer school is already upon us.  Hindman Settlement School teachers and aides in our four local public schools are busy now helping with the end of year testing that the schools do each year, as well as, the testing we do for our Reading Lab programs to monitor student progress.  These ladies (Melissa Baker, Trena Hotelling, Melissa Pigman and Pam Noble) also help with monitoring progress in our After-School programs in Knott, Perry, Floyd, Pike and Laurel Counties.  This involves traveling to those counties during the evening on their own time.  I really appreciate the dedication of these ladies because they are required to complete all the duties expected of them in the public schools, as well as, the extra duties required by the Settlement School. Melissa Baker and Tena Hotelling also supervise two of our After-School programs.

Summer School will be here before you know it.  This year summer school is scheduled for June 17ththrough July 19th.  We are currently in the process of hiring tutors and staff for this year and planning instruction and activities.  We have some great things planned for this year, including writing lessons by local children’s author Nancy Kelly Allen and music with Sam Gleaves.  Most important of all will be our instruction in reading and math!  Last year’s average gain in reading was seven months and math was one year and 3 months. For twenty-five days instruction we think that is pretty great!  Get your application in quickly.