Life of Brian

Brian grew up in Muhlenburg County and graduated from Georgetown College with a B.A. in Communications. After leaving Georgetown, he spent four years in Pikeville; what he now considers his Eastern Kentucky home. It was there that Brian met his wife, a native of Pike County, Kelli. Throughout their years together, they had three children: Drew, Luke, and Samantha, finishing up their happy home of five.

Brian is usually wrapped in his kids, making sure to make every moment with them something to cherish. However, Brian is not all work and no play; when he’s not being dad of the year, he is making quality time for his wife. Brian and Kelli love going to concerts to enjoy their favorite artists together. Regardless of Brian’s heavy family orientation, he never fails to carve out a little time to catch up on Kentucky Basketball, showing his support for the team he loves. 

However, Brian was not recruited into the advancement team based on his family values alone. Brian brings with him 15 years of fundraising experience, through various scopes. Thus, Brian introduces several unique perspectives when it comes to securing funding and building donor relationships. Yet, what makes Brian the most valued player is his devotion to advancing the missions of organizations that only wish to aid children and youth across the state. Here, at the Settlement School, Brian will have ample opportunity to spread his passion across the country.

We are happy to introduce Brian to Hindman Settlement School and know that the same care he carries for his family, he will will carry for the community.  Welcome to the team!