Volunteer Spotlight: Hart Chapter NSDAR

On the eve of Independence Day, the Hart Chapter NSDAR, located in Winchester, Kentucky, concluded a series of lessons on etiquette with the children from our Dyslexia Summer Tutoring program. After three days of lessons, the kids were rewarded with a beautiful tea sponsored by chapter members Fara Tyree, Brenda Depp, and Crystal Smith.

Mrs. Tyree, the chapter’s chaplain and the coordinator of this activity, led sessions on proper etiquette before they started their dignified tea. Fara explained that they should always say, “please,” “thank you,” respect their elders, and the importance of sharing with one another. After the educational session concluded, the kids, ready to exhibit what they had learned, lined up for the cupcakes, cookies, and punch that awaited them. Although their mouths watered for the sweets, they remembered what the Hart Chapter had told them and remained politely composed.

Part of the festivities also included a lively dance! As Fara pointed toward the ceiling with her defiant disco finger, the kids caught the disco fever, erupting into dance and laughter.

As the students of the dyslexia program enjoyed their treats in the background, Mrs. Tyree shared with our team that both her and her chapter’s experience in Hindman has been a rewarding one. “Dance and proper etiquette is an important cultural enrichment for children both young and old,” Fara said. “We were excited to see how these activities allowed children to come out their shells and gain more confidence in themselves, as well as, their abilities.” 

After the tea, the kindergarteners, ever so shy, exalted the grand time they had with the Brenda, Crystal, and Fara. The only complaint they had is they wanted more of the delicious cookies and cupcakes the Hart Chapter gave them. One exasperated four year old jokingly exclaimed, “I just want one more cookie!”

While chapter members emphasized how happy they were to serve and be involved with Hindman Settlement School, we were thrilled to partner with this esteemed group of ladies to teach valuable life skills to our students. Thank you Daughters for your continued support of our students!