Continental Congress Contributions

We here at the Settlement School are extremely humbled and appreciative of the outpouring of generosity shown to us by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) this year at the 128th Continental Congress!

Peggy Troxell, DAR Schools Chair for the Dillon Administration, presents a check from the Friends of DAR School Fund for $45,893 to Dr. Brent Hutchinson, Executive Director

The kindness of the DAR Juniors and the Friends of DAR Schools under the Dillon Administration have made much-needed technology upgrades possible for our administrative staff and Dyslexia Program. These upgrades have come in the form of the Dillon Junior Membership Dyslexia Technology Center which is now the home of 20 new Microsoft SurfaceBook 2 laptops, a new HP LaserJet Pro printer and a 3D printer with accessories for the Dyslexia Program and new computers for our administrative staff.

Additionally, these gifts have provided support for the Dyslexia Tutoring Program which includes funds for a full year of tutoring for 40 children in our Reading Lab Partnership, 12 scholarships to our five-week residential Summer Tutoring Program, the entire cost of the After-School Tutoring Program, which serves more than 80 children each academic year, and the Tutor Training Workshops. Many of the students we serve are from low-income families and approximately 90 percent of our students receive financial aid to attend our five-week Summer Tutoring Program.

For more than a century, the support of the NSDAR has and continues to make it possible for us to provide children in Southeastern Kentucky with the tools to improve their reading, writing and math skills. Thank you, NSDAR for your continued support of our mission to honoring the past, improving the present, and planning for the bright and colorful future of Central Appalachia!