A Look Back: 1969/1970 School Year


With the 2019/2020 school year underway, I thought it’d be fun to look back through the 1969/1970 Hindman High School yearbook to get a glimpse into a day-in-the life of a high school student 50 years ago.  Of course, Hindman High School no longer exists because it combined with Carr Creek High School and Knott County High School in order to create Knott County Central High School in 1974. But here in the Hindman Settlement School Archives, we have a large collection of yearbooks that help keep the memories of the old high school alive! Not all of the photos in this yearbook have individual captions (those are grouped at the bottom under additional photos), but the ones that do are provided. I hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane!


Yearbook cover for Hindman High School, 1969-1970.


Each year, our Stringed Instrument Club, led by Mr. Ray Slone, performs at least one assembly program.  It seems that each of these gets better than the last and brings a bright spot into our everyday school life.

This year, the club had an outstanding program.  They began with their theme song, everybody’s favorite — “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”  They then began a medley of other favorite tunes, some of which “set toes tappin’ and hands clappin’” and a few which brought tears to the eyes of many.  They program ended with the theme song amid roaring applause from faculty and students.

Cooks:  Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Slone, Mrs. Draughn, Mrs. Dobson.


Bus Drivers:  Mr. Davidson, Mr. Thornsbeary, Mr. Hays, and Mr. Combs


Carl D. Perkins Vocational School

The major change in our curriculum this year was the addition of the classes offered by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational School.  Many of our Juniors and Seniors spent half of each school day in this modern building. Here they mastered vocations of their own choosing in fields of carpentry, electricity, drafting, mechanics, and stenography.  This school was of invaluable use in helping them plan their future as they developed talent and skill with each passing day.

Additional Photos, Hindman High School, 1969-1970 School Year





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