Hindman Elementary Students Treated to Five-Day Artist Residency

     Students in Scott Evans’ eighth-grade Science classes at Hindman Elementary School had an exciting start to their school year! On August 26th-30th, photographer Liz Terry taught a five-day artist residency at Hindman Elementary School. This artist residency was funded through the Hindman Settlement School contract that is in place with the Kennedy Center VSA program, the international organization on arts and disability. Photography activities taught during the residency were designed so that all learners could fully participate. Liz shared with students her story of pursuing a degree to teach art in the public school system, then also shared how she established her career as a freelance photographer while operating her own small business, Liz Terry Photography. In order to collaborate with the Science students’ curriculum, Liz explained the functions of light in relation to photography, demonstrated the mechanical processes of the camera, and also compared film versus digital photography. Students learned that aperture, shutter speed, and ISO together create the exposure triangle in the photographic process.

     After defining composition techniques and showing examples, Liz led students in a still life photography exercise. Students used their own smartphones and iPads from the Hindman Settlement School’s James Still Learning Center to capture their photographs. A field trip was organized to bring students to Hindman Settlement School for an outdoor photo walk. There, Liz assisted students in selecting their best photos from these two shoots, working toward a final exhibit.  On the last day of the residency, Liz demonstrated the process of editing photos using Adobe Lightroom programming, then led students in a class critique of their finished photos. On September 16th, an exhibit of over 60 finished photos were displayed at Hindman Elementary for an open house event, in which all parents and students were invited to attend.  This Fall, another week-long artist residency will be offered at each of the elementary schools in Knott County as part of the Kennedy Center VSA program. In these residencies, Eastern Kentucky-based teaching artists will engage students in writing poetry, learning traditional Native American arts, metalworking, painting, singing traditional songs, and writing their own songs! 

–In the photo collage below, you can find some featured photos from days two and three of the Hindman Elementary artist residency event. These photos were captured during an outdoor photo walk at Hindman Settlement School, a part of the five-day residency event. The students listed below are a part of Mr. Scott Evans’ 8th grade Science class. These are the students that were sponsored to participate in the five-day artist residency program that is detailed in the article above. For additional details or to learn more about creating an event like this at your school, feel free to email Traditional Arts Director, Sam Gleaves, at sgleaves@hindmansettlement.org.