Staff Spotlight: Melissa Pigman, Reading Intervention Specialist

Melissa Pigman has worked for Hindman Settlement School since 2005. She currently serves as the Reading Intervention Specialist at Hindman Elementary School, where she works with students grades K-2 that are either dyslexic or may be struggling to meet their reading benchmarks. Through this position, Hindman Settlement School has a partnership with Knott County Schools so that Melissa can deliver dyslexia programming into schools during operating hours. Melissa also helps in HSS’s summer school and after-school programs, helping children in the community to become stronger, more literate readers.

Melissa became a tutor for Hindman Settlement School after being referred by some of her family members, who also happened to be tutors for the school’s Dyslexia Program. When a full-time position was opened, she applied for the job and was hired. “I wanted to help students learn how to read” said Missy. When she realized this new position meant that she could serve struggling readers in the community while remaining in their own learning environment, she was eager to take the position. This also meant that she was actively working towards achieving the mission of Hindman Settlement School: “to provide educational and service opportunities for the people of the mountains.” By serving these Hindman readers within their community, the people of this Appalachian town get to continue to embrace their heritage, all while the century-long mission of Hindman Settlement School is being met! 

Through her position at Hindman Elementary, Melissa has also had the opportunity to participate in many community outreach activities. Some of the activities she has been involved in include parent nights, literacy nights, and fall festivals at the school. Additionally, parent trainings have been administered through Hindman Settlement School’s Dyslexia Program for parents who are interested in being educated in the literacy programming delivered to students by Dyslexia Program Staff. This educates parents so that they can also actively assist in their child’s literacy education!

Missy has come far since graduating college, becoming a teacher, and working within HSS’s Dyslexia Program. We are pleased to announce that last December, Melissa was awarded National Board Certification, making her a Rank I Educator in the state of Kentucky! This is a prestigious honor in the educational world, and its also an honor that she can also apply when assisting struggling readers within our community! We are proud to have her as a member of our team here at Hindman Settlement School. Thank you for your service to Hindman Settlement School and your service to the community, Melissa!

To learn more about Melissa’s Reading Intervention Program and how you can enroll your child, please email Melissa Pigman at!