HSS After-School Tutoring Programs Update

     Did you know that Hindman Settlement School has after-school tutoring?! These programs span five counties! These counties include our own Knott County, and also neighboring Perry, Floyd, Pike, and Laurel Counties! Hindman Settlement School’s Dyslexia Program is proud to coordinate and implement these materials to in-need students all over the Appalachian region! Keep reading for a quick update on how we are doing a little over halfway through our fall session.  

Here you can see active tutoring occurring in one of our after-school sessions!

     Our After-School Tutoring Programs located in Knott, Floyd, Perry, Pike, and Laurel Counties are now in their ninth week of the fifteen week fall session. We currently have forty-five students enrolled in our after-school programs. Students in all the programs are making good progress.  In our after-school programs, parents and staff tutor students using the Susan Barton Method for Spelling and Reading, a method that we have been using for over ten years! We have found it to be very effective in teaching our students to read and spell. Students, parents, and inclusive staff members meet each week for two and a half hours using one-on-one instruction. Students in the Knott County program are also very excited about working with Sam Gleaves, director of the Settlement School’s Folk Arts Program, as tutoring with him means that students get to learn about traditional dance and music from the region. Through these lessons, Sam helps students to learn about, embrace, and celebrate their Appalachian heritage!

Sam Gleaves, Traditional Arts Director, teaches aspects of traditional music to students at an after-school session.

     If your child is struggling in school, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and spelling, they may have dyslexia, a reading disorder which affects approximately fifteen percent of the population. Our next screening of children for characteristics of dyslexia will be on Thursday, November 14th. You can call Lema at 606-785-4044 to schedule an appointment for your child to be screened. Our winter-spring after-school session will begin in January, so register your child for a screening today! Any additional inquiries about these programs, or perhaps the Dyslexia Program in general? Please email Ola Pigman, Dyslexia Program Director at ola@hindmansettlement.org for more information!