HSS After-School Tutoring

The Hindman Settlement School After-School Tutoring Program offers us the opportunity to work with many wonderful parents and students. The program demands a lot of hard work and dedication from both parents and students. In the After-School Tutoring Program parents must tutor a student (not their own child) for two hours each night with a 30 minute break in between each hour. In order to do this properly, our parents must learn all the materials they are going to be teaching during each lesson. They must also be familiar with all the rules that have been taught in all previous lessons and constantly review those rules with their assigned student. Students must be highly focused and on-task for two hours after having been in school all day. 

In our After-School Tutoring Program we use the Susan Barton Method for Reading and Spelling. This method is designed for one-on-one instruction and it is recommended that students receive at least two hours of instruction each week. There are ten different levels of instruction beginning with phonemic awareness and ending with exposure to words originating from Greek and Latin. It generally takes between three to four years to complete all ten levels. We have now been using the Barton Method for ten years and have found it to be very successful with our students. At this time, all students who have completed the course have been reading at a twelvth grade comprehension level except for two students. Those two students were still in elementary school but were reading at a level above eighth grade! 

We have After-School Programs in five Kentucky counties: Knott, Perry, Floyd, Pike and Laurel County. If you are interested in having your child participate in one of these programs you can call Lema at 606-785-4044 to set up a screening for your child to see if they qualify. Please also feel free to email me, Ola Pigman, Dyslexia Program Director at ola.pigman@knott.kyschools.us for any additional After-School Tutoring Program inquiries!