2018-19 Annual Report

This past year has seen unparalleled attention toward Hindman Settlement School due to a special announcement I was honored to make in April: “I am a 2019 Obama Fellow.” The most frequent question I have received is, “What does it mean to be an Obama Fellow?” The easiest way for me to answer the question from a work standpoint is to say that the goal of the fellowship is to help me learn how to take the work of Hindman to the next level. I personally believe I have a responsibility to seize every opportunity in this day and time to do the work it takes to help change our corner of the world. Eastern Kentucky is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. The challenges we face are intense, but the potential we have is unmatched to meet the obstacles of our day and time. I don’t say that lightly. Leaders have dug in for generations and faced many of the same problems we face today, just shaped for their time and resolve. But the work of Hindman Settlement School is already aligned for such a time as this.

When is enough, enough? All I can say is, “not yet.” This report scratches the surface of that sentiment.

Flip through the pages here or request a copy via mail by contacting our staff.