Cornerstone Campaign

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-3-27-41-pmSince our founding in 1902, Hindman Settlement School has had one goal: to learn all we can and teach all we can for the people in our community and region. Our history and mission have grounded our school a cornerstone of Appalachia’s cultural and community life. But we have institutional needs that are not being met, basic necessities that we need to continue our valuable work. Unless we invest in ourselves, our mission will soon be compromised.

We are launching a $2.5 million capital campaign to preserve and advance this institution for the thousands of children, adults, and families who rely on us right now–and for generations to come. These vital funds will enable us to upgrade facilities so they match the quality of our programs and allow us to continue to be a place that celebrates heritage and changes lives.

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Phase 1

Phase 1: Transform

Serving as the hub of visitor activity, the May Stone Building will be renovated and repurposed to house offices and serve as the gateway to our campus.

The basement of the May Stone Building will be converted from its current use as a dormitory and storage space to state-of-the-art offices. This plan is the most cost effective, allowing us to ensure handicap accessibility while utilizing existing restrooms and storage facilities.

In addition to new offices, the transformed facility will receive:

  • a new name, the Mike Mullins Cultural Heritage Center, to honor the Settlement’s former Executive Director;
  • climate-controlled space to preserve the growing archives;
  • upgrades to the HVAC system to improve efficiency;
  • additional lodging to meet growing demands; and
  • updated interior furnishings and exterior enhancements.


Phase 2

Phase 2: Renew

To meet the growing needs of our campus, the site of the old office cabin will be converted into the May Stone Gathering Place, a new multipurpose facility.

In order to construct the May Stone Gathering Place, which will allow us to significantly increase the amount of space available to host workshops, summer classes, and small group gatherings, the Fireside Industries cabin, which housed our offices for nearly 50 years, will be replaced with the new facility rising in its former footprint.

In addition to preserving and incorporating many elements of the original log structure into the design and furnishings of the new facility, the May Stone Gathering Place will include:

  • meeting space with access to kitchen and restroom facilities;
  • outdoor patios, fire pit, and green space; and
  • energy-efficient windows, doors, and HVAC systems.


Phase 3

Phase 3: Create

Bolstering our endowment with the creation of a building reserves fund will enable the Settlement to address critical campus needs while ensuring seamless delivery of educational and service opportunities.

From a dining hall to computer lab and performance venues to lodging facilities, the Settlement’s 16 buildings—located across our 200 acre campus—are as diverse as the programs we offer. While basic, routine maintenance of these facilities is covered in our operating budget, there is no provision to handle the capital needs that inevitably arise on a campus as large as the Settlement’s.

The third component of the Cornerstone Campaign is the creation of a $500,000 endowed fund for long-term care and maintenance of both our new and historic facilities.

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

The Cornerstone Campaign offers numerous naming opportunties to recognize a donor’s generosity or to honor a special individual such as a family member or former Settlement School teacher, staff member, or director.

To discuss or to claim a naming opportunity, please contact Josh Mullins, Director of Advancement, via phone at 606-785-5475 or via email at

Ways To Give

Ways To Give

To make this plan a reality, we must to raise $2.5 million over the next three years, and we need your help. In partnering with us in this effort, you will not only be preserving a significant part of Appalachia’s past, but also making an investment in its future—in the lives of the future leaders, teachers, artists, and writers emerging from Hindman.

There are numerous ways to support the Cornerstone Campaign and invest in the work at the Settlement.  No matter what gift options work best for your personal situation, all contributions are welcome and make an impact in this campaign.

  • Pledge your support. Gifts of cash are the simplest and most direct way of supporting the campaign. For your convenience, pledges may be fulfilled over a three year period. Installments can be set up to be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.
  • Schedule a monthly donation. Recognizing that many may not have the capacity to make a sizable gift at any one time, the Settlement suggests the alternative of making a smaller gift on a monthly basis.
  • Make your mark through naming. Numerous naming opportunities are available to honor the memory of a loved one or recognize an individual’s generosity. Contact us for a complete listing of available opportunities or click on the tab at the top of this page.
  • Contribute gifts of stock or real estate. Gifts of highly appreciated stock or real estate can make a significant impact on our campaign while allowing you take take a full value deduction on your tax returns.

Pledge Form

Pledge Form