Funding Priorities

At Hindman Settlement School, our work is broken up into three broad program areas: Dyslexia Education, Cultural Heritage, and Community Service. Unrestricted donations to our annual fund support all of these program areas and are the most needed type of gift.

Dyslexia Education

Currently, program with the greatest financial need is our Dyslexia Education Program. Most of the families we serve in this program cannot afford to pay the full cost of services, and we use your gifts to subsidize these costs and provide full or partial scholarships so students can attend our programs regardless of financial ability. Raising money for scholarships is a primary focus. We strive to provide:

A $4,500 Scholarship for one boarding student enrolled in Summer School
A $2,500 Scholarship for one commuting student enrolled in Summer School
A $625 Annual cost for tutoring one student through the Reading Lab Partnership

We also have expenses for conducting student evaluations, parent training workshops, and providing materials for and administering the After-School Program, which operates in counties across the region.

Appalachian Scholars’ Program

The Appalachian Scholars’ Program is a proposed educational initiative spearheaded by Hindman Settlement School in partnership with Berea College and Hazard Community and Technical College.

We are currently facing the challenge of young men being underrepresented in education, and this changing demographic has national implications that are potentially far-reaching, particularly in Appalachia, where significant losses in blue-collar jobs traditionally held by men (for example, in mining and manufacturing industries) have occurred. For both economic and social reasons, closing gender gaps in higher education attainment is increasingly urgent. While scholars examine reasons for this widening gap in educational attainment, colleges and universities are exploring ways to decrease it.

Hindman Settlement School, in partnership with higher education institutions, proposes to partner in the design and establishment of a residential program that will engage young Appalachian males of all races and increase their interest in college. We strive to provide them with the competencies needed to graduate and succeed.

Heritage Activities

Hindman Settlement School has always been dedicated to preserving the traditions of Central Appalachia. Through programs such as Appalachian Family Folk Week, the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop, artists-in-residence and others, Hindman Settlement School promotes the region’s rich cultural heritage. Participants from throughout the US and around the world come to Hindman Settlement School each summer to study with well-known and talented artists in many traditional arts disciplines. Donations support scholarships for those who cannot afford our workshops and provide general support for our cultural heritage programming.

Grow Appalachia

We are currently serving our third successful year as a Grow Appalachia site. In partnership with Berea College, Grow Appalachia sets out to solve persistent food insecurity issues in the Appalachian region by restoring the historic relationship between people and land. The program’s central mission is to help our community to grow as much food as possible using organic methods and to encourage more growth of food for local markets.

Grow Appalachia partners with households ranging from young single parents to elderly individuals who need assistance working in the garden. We’re also proud to share knowledge with people who have always wanted to garden but never had the know-how or resources. We have also helped families who have gardened for generations
but wanted to learn more about safe and organic methods of gardening. Grow Appalachia is making a difference in the lives of members of our community, and we’re excited to continue on this successful path.