Residential Program

Historically, women have been underrepresented in higher education, but since 2000, almost 60 percent of students enrolled at American colleges were women. Women are now a third more likely to complete college than their male contemporaries. Our society now face the challenge of young men being underrepresented, and this changing demographic poses serious implications throughout Central Appalachia where significant losses in blue-collar jobs traditionally held by men have occurred. For both economic and social reasons, closing gender gaps in higher education attainment is increasingly urgent.

Hindman Settlement School, in partnership with higher education institutions, proposes to partner in the design and establishment of a residential program that will engage young Appalachian males of all races and increase their interest in college. We strive to provide them with the competencies needed to graduate and succeed.

Residential Program Components

  • A 10-month residential program
  • Rigorous academic courses in math and writing
  • Immersive cultural and humanities experiences to strengthen self-identity and connection to place
  • An on-campus work program to provide important workplace experience
  • A leadership development/mentoring component
  • A service-learning component
  • Guarantee of a full-tuition scholarship offer from a partner post-secondary institution upon completion of the program.

Hindman Settlement School is actively seeking partners and funders for the Appalachian Scholars’ Residential Program, which is slated to begin in the fall of 2017. Contact Brent Hutchinson, Executive Director, to discuss ways to become involved with this new initiative.