The Makery

An Immersive Online Writing Studio

The Makery at Hindman Settlement School is an online studio designed to nurture your imagination in a neighborly, supportive community. Each spring and fall—whether you are in Paris, Kentucky or Paris, France—come to The Makery to find sessions that will broaden your literary craft, while deepening your relationship to place. Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, documentary—here the region’s masters share techniques, exercises, and critique in both the craft of literature and its business, helping you build a meaningful writing practice, underpin your graduate study, and establish your readership.

Among our instructors are Guggenheim Fellows, Yale’s Younger Poets, Poets Laureate, Weatherford and Chaffin Award recipients, acclaimed editors, intrepid journalists, and New York Times bestsellers—and at The Makery all of them are devoted to you: offering clear syllabi, accessible readings, and one-on-one or peer-to-peer workshops that offer high standards in an encouraging atmosphere.

Our catalogs are also built to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for one class to supplement your practice or a series of workshops that can help you complete a longterm study.

Technical Requirements

Are you new to online learning? Don’t worry. We’ve designed all of this with you in mind. If you can use the internet, you can easily succeed with our blog-formatted classrooms, which enable you to learn on your own time, around your work and family schedules.

Hindman’s Literary Heritage

Since its beginning, Hindman Settlement School has been the seedbed for the Appalachian literary tradition. Our founders May Stone and Katherine Pettit were avid journal writers, and they were soon joined by the novelist Lucy Furman and the poet Ann Cobb as together they led the Settlement into its future as an incubator of regional imagination. A five year old Albert Stewart would come to live in Lucy Furman’s dorm and be educated at the Settlement during its boarding school days; as a literary scholar and professor, Stewart would go on to found the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop, our annual summer residency, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017. From James Still and Harriette Arnow to Crystal Wilkinson and Silas House, Hindman Settlement has provided support, time, and mentoring to emerging and established writers as they sought to understand the connections between self and place.

Makery Fellowship Program

If you need a professional certification to advance your career, or if you would benefit academically from a secondary specialization, consider our Makery Fellowship program, in which we’ll guide you through a two-year pedagogy that results in graduate-level expertise, as well as a graduating scholarship to the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop. For more information about the Makery Fellowship click here.