Frequently Asked Questions

I have the classes I want to take picked out. What is the registration deadline?

Registration for all classes closes one week prior to the start date of the session. Once a class is filled at 10 students, the class is closed for registration.

I just registered! When will I receive information about my online class?

A few days before your class’s first session, look for an email from our program coordinator. She’ll be writing to share information and access to the course site, as well as your first email from your instructor, which will include your syllabus.

If you do not receive these notes by the last business day before your class’s first session (usually a Friday), check your spam folders, as filters can often trap emails from foreign senders. Still at a loss? Be in touch with our program coordinator by email, and she’ll make sure you have what you need.

I was hoping to get started early. Is it possible for me to receive the class’s reading list and guidelines early?

Each instructor will make her or his materials available to you according to the class’s needs. If you are under a scheduling crunch and need time to work ahead, let the program coordinator know when you register, and she and your instructor will work together to help you succeed.

How do I access the online classroom?

A few days before the beginning of class you will receive an email from the program coordinator with a link to the course page and your user information.

Help! I haven’t registered yet, and the class I really want to take has already started. Am I too late?

We require all students to be registered one week prior to the start of class.

The class I want is filled! Is there any hope?

 Maybe. It is up to the instructor’s discretion whether a waitlist is made available. Contact our program coordinator to find out what’s possible for your preferred class.

My class has started, but for several hours it seems like no one has commented. Is this normal?

First, let’s make sure this isn’t a technical problem. By refreshing your browser regularly, you can ensure you are seeing the most up-to-date classroom activity.

Second, to best serve our community’s personal schedules we have designed our classes to not require real-time or “live” interaction. Your classroom community will be interacting regularly, but do keep in mind that some of your colleagues might be in different time zones than you are or might be working second or third shifts. Your instructor will establish a schedule of expectations in your syllabus that serves everyone’s needs.

How many hours a week should I schedule for my class at The Makery?

All our courses are 4-week sessions, with no real-time or “live” requirements. Your instructor will build a syllabus that offers meaningful, but workable, deadlines—usually you can count on two-to-three deadlines each week that can be easily met on your own time. Together, you and your instructor will define the amount of time you spend writing and reading toward your class goals; however, a common measure is that, for each workshop, you should plan to spend at least 10 hours a week in preparation and conversation. The Makery is designed to serve learners with full-time lives, and we hope to support your writing practice as a routine part of a balanced life.

How much does a class at The Makery cost?

Tuition for all classes is $500 plus a $15 processing fee.

Does The Makery offer any scholarships?

Not at this time. Because the program is new, we continue our work to establish donors who will sponsor such opportunities.

Does The Makery offer any discounts?

Not at this time. Because the program is new, we continue our work to establish donors who will sponsor such opportunities.

Can I make payments toward the tuition as I take the class?

Not at this time. The Hindman Settlement School’s staff limitations require that you pay the tuition in full before you study.

What is The Makery’s refund policy?

Tuition is refundable up to two weeks prior to your class’s start date. If you cancel your registration within two weeks of your class’s start date, your tuition will not be refunded.

What happens if the class I’m in does not make? ​

In the event that the workshop does not meet the minimum requirement of three enrolled ​students, the workshop will not run. You will be notified by the Program Coordinator one week prior to the start of a session to discuss your​ options,​ which include shifting your registration to another workshop of your choice or a full refund.

I need Continuing Education Credits for my career. Does The Makery qualify?

We hope The Makery can be of especially good service to teachers who are looking to reinvigorate their own writing and reading practice—or develop a creative writing expertise that can benefit their own classrooms and students. For any class you take with us, we are happy to provide a letter confirming your participation and success. We also encourage you to consider The Makery Fellowship program, which offers a two-year graduate-level study in creative writing with professional certification. Contact our program coordinator to inquire further about the support you need.

I am considering long-term study through The Makery. How can I learn more about the Fellowship program?

The Makery Fellowship is a two-year pedagogy designed to meet your goals. Click here to learn more and apply or contact our program coordinatorfor more information.

I am looking to enroll in an M.F.A. program. Is the Settlement School a university?

No. Hindman Settlement School is a nonprofit organization that serves in part to broaden the cultural education of our region. Designed to support learners with full-time lives, The Makery’s community ranges from beginning to established writers—public-school teachers, scientists, stay-at-home parents, poets, storytellers, gardeners, social workers, journalists—we’re all here, learning together. If you are considering entering an M.F.A. program, take a workshop or two with us to help you prepare for the rigor of graduate work. If you have already completed your M.F.A., you might find The Makery is just the place to establish a secondary specialization.

I don’t consider myself an Appalachian writer. Will I fit in at The Makery?

Absolutely! The Makery is our way of offering the benefits of the Appalachian literary tradition to anyone who wants to learn about the connections between writing and place. Wherever you are, we hope you’ll consider The Makery a literary home-away-from-home.