At the Heart of it All: Storytelling Across Form

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Facilitator: Whitney Dangerfield
Dates: November 11 – December 6, 2019
Genre: Creative Nonfiction
Class Size: 10

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Session Description

Many artists are telling stories in new ways, using the written word, photos, audio, maps, videos, graphics, and more, sometimes all in one package. In this class, we’ll look at both nonfiction and fiction storytelling in unique formats. Each week, we’ll study a new approach—photo essays, audio storytelling, and multimedia—through projects and series from The New York Times, Looking at Appalachia, Homecoming, This American Life, Hollow, and more. We’ll discover that even though the format may be unique, at the heart of it all is a good story —a solid structure, strong reporting, good writing, and, often times, a specific point of view. The class will also include prompts to get you thinking and working in different ways. The last week, as a group, we will discuss how to work with a batch of material and find its best form. Whitney will also meet with you one-on-one to discuss a specific project you’re working on now.

Author Bio

Whitney Dangerfield is the Digital Editor at Serial, This American Life, and S-Town. Before that, she was a Senior Staff Editor at The New York Times, where she worked for the Opinion and Sunday Review sections. There, she focused on multimedia and editing essays and Op-Eds; she also created and edited Draft, a series about the craft of writing. She began her career in journalism at National Geographic Magazine. Originally from Morgantown, WV, she now lives in Brooklyn, NY.