Reassembling the Pieces: Revising Work for The Reader

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Facilitator: Ciona Rouse
Dates: November 11 – December 6, 2019
Genre: Poetry
Class Size: 10

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Session Description

The root of the word mosaic comes from the Latin musaicum, meaning “the work of the Muses.” Perhaps the real work of the Muse isn’t giving the words to the poet; perhaps it’s revising, cracking the words open and making them into something new. This course offers exercises teaching you how to read your poetry anew, to revise and to reassemble your individual work. We also look at the many pieces of your body of work and see how they might come together into one small collection. The instructor will also provide individual revision guidance on 5 poems you submit prior to class. With group workshopping, exercises to generate new work, and tools for honing our skills for revision, we complete this course with words becoming more whole, as a working chapbook manuscript (15-20 poems). The instructor will also provide guidance for submitting your small manuscript for publication.

Author Bio

Ciona Rouse is the author of Vantablack, the first chapbook of Third Man Books (2017), which sold out within months of publication. Her poetry has appeared in The Account, Talking River, Gabby Journal, Matter: a journal of political poetry and commentary and other publications. She is poetry editor of Wordpeace and the curator of several reading series in Nashville, Tenn. In 2017-2018, she served as a resident poet for the “Nick Cave: FEAT” art exhibition at Frist Art Museum. Along with poet Kendra DeColo, Rouse cohosts the podcast Re/Verb, a podcast where literature and pop culture meet. A graduate of Columbia College of South Carolina, Rouse currently lives in Nashville, Tenn., where she is working on her first full collection of poetry.