Summer Tutoring

At Hindman Settlement School, the goal of the Summer Tutoring Program, fondly known as “summer school,” is to equip students with the academic skills they need to succeed in public schools. The Summer Tutoring Program serves approximately 40-50 students each summer, and starting in mid-June, it operates five days a week, seven hours a day for five weeks. If students are unable to commute to Hindman Settlement School, we’re happy to provide boarding on our scenic and historic campus.

Summer Tutoring Curriculum

The curriculum includes an intensive program of two periods of individualized reading instruction, two periods of math instruction (groups of up to three students), one period of writing instruction (groups of up to seven students), one period of instruction in keyboarding and word processing (interdisciplinary units of study are used), a half-hour of social values instruction, and a half-hour of reading comprehension instruction. Spelling, handwriting, grammar, and direct vocabulary instruction are all incorporated into the writing instruction. On average, students make a gain of an entire year in reading and math during the five weeks.

Summer School Cost

The Summer Tutoring Program tuition is $2,500 for commuting students and $4,500 for boarding students during the five-week program. If you are unable to pay your child’s tuition, don’t worry – at Hindman Settlement School, we’re dedicated to helping children in our community, and no child has ever been turned away due to a lack of funds.