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Hindman Settlement School is proud to be serving its third year as a Grow Appalachia site. The program, a partnership with Berea College, seeks to solve persistent food insecurity issues in the Appalachian region by restoring the historic relationship between people and land. Grow Appalachia’s central mission is to help as many people grow as much food as possible using organic methods and to encourage more growth of food for local markets.

Knott County Grow Appalachia Members have access to:

You can read more about the program and what we have accomplished in our Annual Report. If you are interested in becoming involved, you can stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook at Hindman Settlement School – Grow Appalachia and by following the Grow Appalachia Blog.

Grow Appalachia Resources

To learn more about the Grow Appalachia program, take a look through the resources we’ve provided below.

Knott County Grow Appalachia Facebook Community
Harvest Report Form 
Grow Appalachia Blog 

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