The Farm

Situated in between the rolling hills of Beaver, Kentucky lies our farm: five acres of lush, fertile fields growing everything from corn to kohlrabi. Our farm resembles a traditional Eastern Kentucky subsistence farm in that we grow a wide range of vegetables and animals, however, we aim to change the agricultural paradigm of the region by being a model market-oriented farm.

In addition to supplying our kitchen with fresh, healthy foods, we run a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) *link* farm share program, make value-added canned products such as apple butter, and sell our excess produce, meats, and canned goods at the Knott County Farmers Market *link*. We educate the public about the opportunities available locally in agriculture by hosting farm and greenhouse tours as well as agriculture and agribusiness classes. In the coming years, we hope to expand our educational programs by offering a beginning farmer internship program.

The Greenhouses

Currently, we have one greenhouse and one high tunnel on our main campus. We plan to build another high tunnel in the summer of 2019. Our staple greenhouse crops are tomatoes and peppers.

The Farm

Two words define our approach to farming: sustainable and humane. We strive to farm in a way that benefits both our environment and our community.

We grow an assortment of produce on our farm: peas, lettuce, okra, broccoli: you name it; we probably grow it. We practice crop rotation, soil sampling, cover cropping, and other sustainable agricultural methods to ensure a healthy crop for years to come.

We pride ourselves on raising happy chickens. These chickens are fed organic, non-GMO feed from the day they hatch. On our farm, they are free to play in their open-air, portable “chicken tractors” that keep predators out while allowing the chickens to roam the fields.

Our two Kunikuni pigs, Fran and Waddles, don’t live in pig pens, but pig palaces. We move these open-air structures complete with weatherproof shelters and lounging pools every week to a new spot on the farm so the pigs can enjoy fresh pasture.