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Helana Lewis
Instructional Assistant

When Helana first joined the team in 2002, she served for years in our Dyslexia Education Program. She rejoined Hindman Settlement School in 2016 as our Bookkeeper where she handles many tasks on the finance team. In 2017, she transitioned back to our Dyslexia Education Program to offer services to students at the Emmalena Elementary Reading Lab. Helana attended Hazard Community College, where she earned her Associate of Arts degree. The best part of her job is taking pride in her heritage and in making a difference in the community.

Helana has been married to her husband, Gary, for 20 years. They have two daughters, Emiley (19) and Whitney (18). Helana volunteers and is an advocate for the homeless, veterans’ rights, and individuals impacted by domestic violence. She is a lover of animals, and the Lewis household is also home to family pets Kado, Cleo, Jasper, MooMoo, and Bandit.

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