A Fruitful Year

Grow Appalachia

By Brittany D.

Being able to walk out in my backyard to pick vegetables straight from the vine and gather fresh eggs from our small flock has been a wonderfully rewarding experience.

The  staff at Hindman Settlement School was a tremendous asset as we developed a plan for our garden and chickens, provided basic tools and a selection of heirloom seeds, and assisted with ithe initial tilling and preparation. Next year we plan to grow even more so we can offer items for sale at the local farmers market!

Grow Appalachia, a partnership with Berea College, seeks to solve persistent food security issues in the Appalachian region by restoring the historic relationship between people and land. Grow Appalachia’s central mission is to help as many people grow as much food as possible using organic methods and to encourage more growth of food for local markets.