Gavin’s Success

Dyslexia Program

By Ola

Our dyslexia program has just completed another fifteen weeks of after-school tutoring. While sharing progress reports with parents, Matilda Campbell shared with me some of what her child has experienced and how our program is making a positive impact on his life.

Gavin with his tutor, Keisha.

Matilda explained that up until this year Gavin has been bullied, made fun of, and left out of many activities his entire school life. She said that during the Summer Tutoring Program Gavin developed a great deal of self-confidence, he feels better about himself, and he now realizes that he is not the only one that has these struggles. His grades have improved from C’s, D’s and an F to nearly straight A’s. He now has several friends and is participating in many activities.

Although Matilda tried many different ways to help Gavin none of them worked until they came to Hindman. She said, “The program at the Hindman Settlement School by far has been the best decision I’ve made for my child. My only regret is that I did not find out about the program much sooner.”