Reading Labs Make An Impact

Dyslexia Program

By Pam Noble

Christian is in first grader at Carr Creek Elementary. He came to our Reading Lab as a nonreader, only recognizing a few alphabet letters and sounds, as well as, very few numbers. At first during our reading and math groups, he was very timid and wouldn’t make eye contact or even speak when spoken to. After a few months working with Christian, he began to open up and strive for attention. He became the first in his group to ask to read his book aloud and he didn’t want to stop.  During math groups he always wanted something harder.

Now at the end of the year, Christian is reading above grade level and recognizes all sight words from kindergarten through third grade. He gained an average of two years in reading and a little over two years in math. Christian asks every day with a smile on his face if he gets to go to the reading/math group.  Participating in the Hindman Settlement School’s Reading Lab has had a tremendous impact not only on his academic skills but also has improved his self-esteem and given him much more self-confidence.