Samuel’s Success

Dyslexia Program

By Ola Pigman

Samuel is a very enthusiastic young man who came to the Summer Tutoring Program ready to learn everything he could. He made the most of his time in reading by absorbing skills like a sponge and applying them to his work. He was very passionate and always eager to “jump right in” in order to demonstrate his knowledge of the different concepts learned.

In reading, he completed all of level 8: advanced vowel teams and level 9: influence of foreign languages, totaling over 20 intensive lessons. Tutors noted his significant improvements in vocabulary, spelling, and phonic skills and shared that he is on his way to mastering the six traits of writing.

He made leaps and bounds in mathematics. Not only was he a “skilled thinker” that was excited to solve complex mathematical problems and equations, he was also encouraging his group members to succeed.

In just five weeks at the Dyslexia Summer Tutoring Program, Samuel achieved significant grade level gains. He improved 3.4 grade levels in reading and 3.5 grade levels in math. Way to go, Samuel!