Who We Are

We Are a Beacon in Central Appalachia

Hindman Settlement School is a vibrant beacon for progressive learning, community enrichment, and cultural exploration in the Central Appalachian region. At Hindman Settlement School, we provide practical courses, programs, and services designed to inspire collaboration and improve the lives of the people in our community. We bring inspirational, life-changing educational services to children with dyslexia and their parents, and we develop and manage community service programs customized to meet our region’s growing demands and challenges. We also promote cultural awareness through arts programs specially designed to build on our area’s rich cultural heritage.

Hindman Settlement School was the first rural social settlement school established in America, and we are currently the most successful. Established in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit in Hindman, Kentucky, our school soon became a model center for education, healthcare, and social services.

In fact, we’ve often been called “the best school in the mountains,” and take that honor very seriously by continuing to contribute significantly to regional progress. Hindman Settlement School has played a vital role in preserving and promoting the literary and cultural heritage of southeastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia. We believe in our community and our commitment to providing education and service. While our mission has remained the same since Hindman Settlement School was founded over a century ago, our programs are constantly improving and developing to meet the changing needs of our region.

At Hindman Settlement School, we believe in honoring the past, improving the present, and planning for the bright and colorful future of Central Appalachia. We know that through proper education, stewardship, and support, the people of our community can help our region thrive.